Oh the possibilities! Canadian Lottery Options

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While I can assume that most of you visiting this site already have experience playing the lottery, I thought it might be helpful for newbies and those who wish to brush up on lottery choices available to us in Canada.

There are a number of Canadian Lotteries throughout the country both national and provincial.

There currently are two national Canadian Lotteries:
Lotto 6/49
Lotto Max

Lotto 6/49 is the most popular national Canadian Lottery, established in 1982 and the first nationwide game that allowed lottery players to choose their own numbers (can you imagine??) The game was originally played for $1 per ticket, but after 22 years in existence, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation felt it necessary to increase the price. A survey was conducted, interviewing 4,500 Canadians who desired larger jackpot prices, agreeing an increase to $2 per ticket was acceptable. The original Canadian Lottery rarely exceeded a jackpot of $10 million – now the jackpot begins at $4 million, often reaching as high as $25 million.

The rules of Lotto 6/49 are simple and can probably be guessed by the name alone. Players select 6 numbers out of 1-49, or choose Quick Pick to let the Lottery Terminal select numbers for you. Select how many draws you wish to play for, 1 through 25. Each ticket cost $2 (example: a single ticket marked for 5 draws = $10). Canadian Lotto 6/49 is drawn every Saturday and Wednesday. Six numbers are drawn, followed by one bonus number. The jackpot prize is won by matching all six regular numbers. Match 5 regular numbers plus the bonus ball and you’ll win a very large sum, but not the jackpot. The lowest winning combination is 2 numbers + bonus number, awarding $5.00 ( I’ll still take it!)

Odds of winning Canadian Lotto 6/49:
Jackpot – 1 in 13,983,816
Any Prize – 1 in 32.3

Lotto Max is a Canadian lottery game that began sales on September 19, 2009 replacing the Lotto Super 7. The first set of winning numbers were drawn on September 25, 2009, and subsequent draws have been held every Friday.

For a $5 wager, a player chooses seven numbers from a field of 49. These are printed on a ticket with two additional sets of seven randomly generated numbers. Prizes are awarded based on how many numbers in each set on a ticket match the drawn numbers, with a minimum of three matching numbers required to win any prize. The jackpot is capped at $50 million, beyond which additional draws are conducted for $1 million each (the “Maxmillions” bonus draws).

The longest streak of $50 million jackpots in Lotto Max has been four weeks. The June 4, 2010 draw was estimated at the $50 million prize cap, with five “Maxmillions” draws. Subsequent drawings had 20 Maxmillions (June 11), 45 Maxmillions (June 18), and 49 “Maxmillions” (June 25). The June 25 jackpot drawing resulted in two winning tickets, one from Newfoundland and the other from Saskatchewan. Of the June 25 “Maxmillions” drawings, 26 were not won, and so those prize funds were rolled back into the July 1 Lotto Max drawing, making that week’s prize pool $33.2 million.

Canadian Lotteries – Provincial
Various provinces of Canada hold their own lottery drawings, including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Atlantic regions and Western regions.

Provincial Canadian Lotteries – Ontario
Ontario offers a host of Canadian Lotteries offering tickets and draws each and every day of the week. These include Daily Keno, Lottario, Ontario 49, Pick 3, Winner Take All, Encore and Instant Gift Pack.

Provincial Canadian Lotteries – Quebec
Quebec offers an array of fun lotto games including Quebec 49, Jour de Paye, Banco, La Mini, La Quotidienne 3, La Quotidienne 4 and Joker. Banco, La Quotidienne 3, La Quotidienne 4 and Joker are each held daily.

Provincial Canadian Lotteries – British Columbia
British Columbia presents 3 provincial Canadian Lotteries, the BC 49, BC Extra and BC Pick 3. Extra and Pick 3 lotto draws are held every day. The BC 49 is drawn each Wednesday and Saturday.

Provincial Canadian Lotteries – Atlantic Canada
The Atlantic Lottery Corporation provides lotto gaming for 4 provinces of Canada – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. Residents of this region can buy tickets for the following provincial Atlantic Canada Lottery drawings: Atlantic TAG, Atlantic 49, Twist, Bucko, Millionaire Life, Atlantic Payday, Atlantic Keno and PIK4.

Provincial Canadian Lotteries – Western Canada
The Western Canada Lottery Corporation provides lotto games for the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Western Canadian Lotteries include Western 49, Western PayDay, Pick 3 and Extra. Both Pick 3 and Extra are held daily, PayDay is drawn each Thursday and Western 49 is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday.

So basically what Im saying here is that no matter where you are in Canada, you have many choices to play!
Good luck and don’t forget when you win who gave you all the great advice:)


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  1. Billabong II says:

    I also hear for you Canadians the winnings are tax free. Nice!

  2. Rob says:

    This 6/49 on-line simulator may interest your readers!
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  3. 6/49 i know from poland. these countries have more or less similar number of inhabitants. never tried canadian lottery though.

  4. John W. says:

    Well……how good to be able to voice ones opinion, argue and tell it as it is.

    Max Millions hasnt been won now for the past 8 draws. In simple terms, max millions top prize hasn’t gone since Sept.7, 12. And the next draw with no wins since Sept 7, 2012 is Nov. 2, 2012. Where the heck is all this unwon money going? You tell me. There are a lot of people who have shelled out their hard earned money with the idea that Max Millions is a fair and honorable game. Really, is it? Oh yes you can tell me that they are paying out all this unwon money in future draws. Yea right. Every time that the prize goes unwon, The Lottey Corp. is raking in Millions. Now dont get me wrong. I know you take your chances in any lottery, but do you know the chances of you winnning the max millions? This is the joke of the centry. You have a better chance of something impossible happening to you. Yes, I did use the word impossible. Well, prove me wrong then. We have in Canada, at any time about 10 million or so people playing this max millions, and nobody can win it, even at 8 weeks continually playing it. And if someone just happens to be a winner, say for arguments sake this drawing .. it will be one in about 100 million people who have played it. Remember at each draw about 10 million or so people play. This is the 9th draw. There you go.. about 100 million who didnt see their impossible dream come true. Have you ever wondered how much the players are paying to keep this lottery running? It’s bazaar. Some have even said ..that it is a tax on the stupid. Do you agree? Yes you heard me correctly. It starts at about 10 or so, then on to 20 or so and 30Million, then 40 Million. Follow me on this please. This means that nobody has won the top prize for the month of September (4 draws of the top prize),that nobody has won the top prize for Oct. month (4 draws also), which means that the next draw is the 9th, draw without the top prize having been won. Baraar indeed. Just goes to show the absolute almost impossible hurdle that one has, in order to win it. You know, I did play this lottery, max millions but not now. If I wish to give a donation (and this is what you do when you play this crazy, baraar lottery) I would simply give my hard earned money to the Salvation Army, Cancer Society, etc. One more thing.. all this fancy advertising by the Lottery Corp. should be stopped. All it does, it give honest, simple people a unfair idea that they can simply spend, spend, and spend and somehow win 50 Million. What a darm shameful, dispicable act of dishonesty on behalf of the Lottery Corp. this is. Contrary to this, the corp. should be forced to advertise exactly how it is. You have as much chance of sprouting wings and flying before you win this 50Million. 10 million or so play the lottery EACH TIME at every draw. Have you seen 10 million win it. Well, there you go, there is your answer direct and simple. Until next time, keep your money in your pocket.. use it on booze, smoking, drugs,women, something you will enjoy… at least the next day you have the sense to know that somehow you got your worth from the money you spent. With the lottery… you are throwing away your money. Again, I am not taking to the 1 (one) person who may win the top prize after 10 or so draws have been run, but to the other more than 100,000,000 million who have unfortunately didnt see much for their DONATION to the lottery cause. The only ones that benefit from your money are the ones sitting in their nice warm offices taking your money, smiling and telling their lude, crude and barbaric jokes, THE LOTTERY SCAMMERS. They will take you for all and everything you are worth. They dont have any morals. To them it’s money, greed and they couldn’t give a heck for about you. It’s not about you, it’s about them. And finally this aspect of people who are addicted to this past time event, do you think that they get what they deserve. I dont think so. Some just cant help themselves, but this does not stop those, like government lottery corps who in their greed, will not accept the fact that they are morally damaging those people with gambling problems. The lottery corp. is an avenue for those poor suckers to get lost into and forever be damaged by any uncaring government who establish and let lottery corps. do their dirty business. How shameful is that.

    • sam_skill says:

      Wow thank you for your heated response to this.
      It does pose an interesting question to the Lotto Corp. where is all this money going? It’s be interesting to know how much was bought for those 4 weeks as well.

      At any rate, it is good marketing on the Lotto corporations part because they are selling the “dream” and as long as someone believes she/he can win it, millions more will be spent.

  5. Really, my sole purpose is to get some beneficial, thought provoking reality on this lottery. It is different from the rest, in my opinion. It just sucks you dry and through tv advertising comes back to suck you more. Anyone see anything the matter with this, or am I allusional. It does not mean anything to me as such as I am trying to show in the simplist of measures that this lottery is not a dream but a nightmare to millions of people. And the absolute sad part of this, is that they have no clue to this. It is certainly a rare occassion when one can bet a dollar or two and know that their chances are somewhat fair. This lottery I speak of, in anything but that. Not dont get me wrong. I know the odds and you know this as well, the higher the payout the greater those are. But come on, you simply cannot bet against the impossible. One out of 100,000,000 and a prize has yet to be won. If people dont believe me or trust as to what I say, then I must be dreaming or it’s all in my mind. But I have witnessed people over the past weeks and so, who have gritted their teeth and are he– bent to proceed paying out large sums of money in an effort to get that 50Million. My opinion is that they are being given the opportunity to act this way and their monoey is taken without question. Yes, I know that the lottery says to spend within your means. Now again, come on, who the heck believes that? That act of self servance is for whom? And to cover ones steps as well. We are certainly aware that some, if not … more than some will grab any opportunity to win a large sum of money, regardless of the astromically depth of difficulty. Isnt that just what the lottery corp. confessed to.. that we did away with the Super 7 and got this Max Millions in its place, because people wanted bigger jackpots. That really invoked this dream, the impossible dream idea. Really now?? I would rather have 50 million seperate draws which gives me a somewhat better chance of winning a million, rather than nothing. The prizes other than the top two main ones, are not worth speaking of. Dont you agree. It gets to a point that those people obsessesed with this uncontrollable urge and desire play into the hands of those wishing to extract their money in most cases by any means possible, but will advertise otherwise. Those people, the players have to be somehow protected against this provoking idea.. that I have to win this lottery by any means. It is not realistic and advertising to this effect should be carried by the Lottery and the Government to set the record straight. It’s not enough to say that people are their own worse enemies. That is certainly not true in this case. The tables in this gambling are stacked for the lotteries so much so which means that it is unfair to those who suddenly get desperate and in turn some sort of endorphinal brain response suddenly kicks in and deaddens the pain of those losing their bets on such an unforgiving lottery. Two months wihout a winner, now those people must be really pi–ed off at the system. What do they do… they just come back for more punishment and hold their nose and proceed to follow the same path as before, path of an unhealthy decision. You tell me why so many are addicted to lotteries. My opinion is that people are more addicted to those lotteries that offer extreme, unrealistic promises. Those lotteries should be discontinued on a somewhat moral basis. As with everything else within reason wihtout taken ones freedom of choice, we must operate within a fair and level field. Sound familar? I have a friend who spends heavily on the lottery.. he has two combination 10 numbers which each costs $180.00 dollars to play. He told me personally that he has played this since the top prize went to 50 Million. Now lets see what it has cost him to date.. 2 x 180.00 x 4 draws = $1440.00. He actually swore at me, when I told him he was crazy. This is what this lottery has done to him. Another person has told me that he has played a certain lottery for 5 years with a combination 9 and won on two wins of 4 numbers which gave him $880.00 and maybe 15 wins on 3 numbers which each gave him $120.00. Well, I guess the term.. money to throw away sure fits those two, and very, very little to show. This is what happens to the millions and millions and millions of others who play the lottery. The lottery simply cannot let everyone win as it would be a useless venture. At least someone loves those two.. yes, you guessed it.. The Lottery Corp. and the Government for their huge donations. If people dont take responsibility for their own actions, who will? I dont see anyone with their hand up.. do you?

  6. Come on you ragheads, get with it and give your views honestly as your opinion on the Lotto Max. Have you given your donation lately and if you have, tell us why. You really dont have to, but we would certainly like to share your views. Do you think that at some point in time, this Lotto Max will collapse when people finally realize that they have had enough. And who wants to take a move of residence so as to follow their dream of winning the big one in Lotto Max. Well, give or take ..99% of the top prizes have gone to BC, Ont. and Que to date. Will that somehow change. Nope. Because it has set that pattern, and once that happens you can bet on it to happen continually.. so this is yet another hurdle we have to cross… everyone move to those 3 provinces or the alternative is not to play Lotto Max. Dont you see it. No matter how many tickets you buy you aint gonna win and that is as it stands now, if you live outside of those 3 provinces. I guess we have to be in the right spot to begin with and hold our nose from thereon, especially when we have waited for over 2 full months for anybody to win. At this point in tme, I would say that the Lottery Corp. is somewhat nervous as to what is presently happening as it does not look good for them. It does go to show that lotteries are not FIXED however as some suspect, because if they were, just for keep the peace between the players, the Lottery would have let it go before this. Just my opinion…maybe it is fixed, but I say it isn’t. Maybe greed does extend to that extent and…

    • sam_skill says:

      Nice way to pad the CEO’s pockets too eh? I think you have also hit on a good point here…just because people can’t control their urges, is it up to the gov’t to refrain them? Are they just playing on the fact that they KNOW people are weak and that it’s legal because of their “responsible” mottos where they put the onus on the players? Play responsibily, know your limit – play within it etc.

      Then again it could be said for substances like cigarettes too…they KNOW it’s bad for citizens but there’s no ban on that. Huge tax revenues, big lobby groups from other corporations…but that is a different discussion maybe :)

      Thanks for voicing your thoughts on this again John!

  7. Right on Sam. CEO’s are good at padding their pockets. Wish I had that particular attribute. As for people being weak, again you are spot on and when the Lotto Max replaced the Super 7, it just goes to prove your point. That huge jackpot of 50 million got a lot of attention and the lottery corp. knew this and worked it to their advantage, even though they knew that there would be fewer big winnners and more cash for them. You would think that at least one CEO would have stood up and said.. well, what about our players? Other CEO’s probably said,.. I guess our dear players wont know what hit them. A 50 Million jackpot sure does blind many people into a false sense of reasoning and how difficult it will be to win such a prize is actually of no consequence to them. And what do many players get for their hard spent money… a free ticket? And I find that to be another slight of hand issue, so as to say. You actually get 3 tickets for a $5.00 play. And another point on this is that the Lottery tries to somewhat smooth the difficulty aspect by using the $5. wager and give us odds of 28,633,528. Actually players are better informed when they think of odds that are for each ticket (and there are 3 in a $5. wager) and that is 1 in 86 millions.. which is actually 85,900,584, and not 28,633,528 as one would be lead to believe. Sure does give one the proof that the lottery tries in every way possible to fool the players, not with incorrect information but with confusing facts that throw a playerss thinking off which usually work. Many players dont know what “odds” are, but they should be given in the right context. If they used the same reasoning for the 649 lottery, the odds whould be far less than 1 in 14 million roughly, when using 3 tickets instead of 1. Well, just for information purposes only, the odds would be 4,661,272. Just simple arithmetic. And indeed the greater number of tickets you have, the lower are the odds in your favor. Is that actually true? No. Can anyone give me the answer to this? Just think about it. Anyone like homework? lol…

  8. Now that it is Friday again and the draw for lottomax is tonight, just wondering if that 50 million jackpot will go. The top jackpot hasn’t gone for the past two months, 8 draws, from 10m, to 20m, then 30m, and 40m, and finally 50m for four more times, all unwon. Where has all that money gone you might ask. If you email the lottery corp. and ask, they will swing you back and forth with lame comments, as if …SO WHAT.. Geeze, doesn’t it just make you want to slap someone up the face. Especially with their fancy advertising of .. have a dream. On thursday, Nov. 1, they again had the same advertisement as last week… a full page with large print and only 32 words..the last line being.. THIS FRIDAY, IT COULD BE YOU. I ask you, is this appropriate in a time when we have millions of people addicted, many times not due to their actions but pressing promises, fancy non believable comments and impossible odds of 1 in 86 million from the Lottery Corps, which as we must not forget is under the Government’s control. The lottery provides a way to twist ones mind and many fall to this promise of a quick free ride in life. Then the Government shamefully provide little more than a sprinkle of assistance to help them beat their addiction. It’s a simple way of the Government saying or maybe inferring that, the end justifies the means, since they try and help those addicts. I really believe that the Government officials are the ones that need councelling and medication.

  9. Michael Eserie says:

    Here is a site where you can generate and print your lotto numbers:
    All Canadian lotto board games are supported. You can also apply some common constraints like even/odd numbers, excluded numbers, consecutive numbers or numbers in common of any two board sets. And best of all, it’s free!

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